Founded in 2011, Nanolava is a developer and manufacturer of all natural, organic, nano-colloidal bio-based solutions for use in both the workplace and home. Our mission is to provide solutions that quickly eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, odors, and allergens from environments that could be potential health threats without exposing users to harsh chemicals or residue.

NANOBLASTER PRO is our premiere product for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces and environments. This ready-to-use formula is designed to be gentle to users but tough on viruses and germs. NANOBLASTER PRO is non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive to most treated articles, NSF-certified (no rinse required) for food-contact surfaces. With every bottle of NANOBLASTER PRO comes the promise that we are actively and consistently working toward environmentally sound cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

NANOBLASTER PRO will not only clean as well, or better, than any other product on the market, but it is much more economical and, even more important, can result in labor savings in excess of 50%.