Nanoblaster Pro can be used in all sectors including; Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Educational Institutes,  Department Stores & Malls,  Entertainment & Sporting Venues, Gyms and fitness centers, Commercial Spaces and Offices,  Hair Salons & Beauty Shops,  Hotels & Restaurants, Government Buildings, Senior Citizen Centers, and much more…


Nanoblaster Pro for Janitorial & Sanitation

NANOBLASTER PRO is suitable for the varied and widely diverse applications of the Janitorial Sanitation market, and is a replacement for the conventional, and potentially dangerous petrochemical based cleaning agents being sold today for commercial, industrial, governmental and household application.

Its unique ability to cut through and emulsify hydrocarbons (wax, oil, grease, fat) and remove stains, makes NANOBLASTER PRO an indispensable all purpose cleaner for schools, office buildings, government facilities and factories to restaurants and hotels.

Its antimicrobial properties also make it an excellent disinfectant and sanitizer for hospitals and food processing plants.

NANOBLASTER PRO will not only clean as well, or better, than any other product on the market, but it is much more economical and, even more important, can result in labor savings in excess of 50%. As an example, hospital custodians report that after applying it as a floor stripper, there is no need to rinse the floor afterwards to remove chemical residues, thereby cutting the time factor by more than half.

Not only can you now rely upon an environmentally healthy product for all your cleaning needs, you can do so knowing it will very often do a better job than what you are presently using, and will, in addition, cost you substantially less to purchase. If we add in the factor of savings in labor, which will most likely be of much greater importance than savings in product cost, it is easy to understand why.


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Weight 140 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in
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Clinically Proven and Lab Certified. KILLS 99.9% of Viruses, Germs, Pathogens, Bacteria, Fungus, Mold & Mildew.

NANOBLASTER™ PRO Rinseless All Purpose Cleaner is just as effective as alcohol based sanitizers and antibacterial products with the added benefits of being:

• All Natural
• Nanotechnology
• Non-toxic
• Biodegradable
• Hypoallergenic
• Non Caustic
• Non Hazardous

NANOBLASTER™ PRO is a powerful but gentle concentrate formula made with fatty acids and botanic enzymes and minerals.  It is a nanoparticle/colloidal micelle solution that creates a unique hydrocarbon release agent that lifts oils, dirt, grease, grime, dust and stains to without damaging or reacting with the surface being cleaned. It is appropriate for all types of metals, plastics, fabrics, concrete, faux finishes & food surfaces.

To Clean Non-Porous Surfaces – and/or – Floors:

Apply [Wipe, Spray or Dip] NanoBlaster Pro to soiled areas or surface with a cloth, wipe, mop, sponge, spray, or immersion, then wipe or scrub clean.

To Deodorize:
For visibly soiled areas, a preliminary cleaning is required.
Spray until thoroughly wet.
Let stand for appropriate time [to kill odor causing (bacteria) (microorganisms) (organisms)].
Wipe clean.

To Clean, and Deodorize Toilet Bowls – and/or – Urinals – and/or Bidets:
Remove heavy soil prior to disinfection.
Empty toilet bowl or urinal.
Liberally apply NanoBlaster Pro All to exposed surfaces including under the rim with a cloth, mop, sponge or spray device until the surface is thoroughly wet.
Brush or swab all surfaces thoroughly.
Treated surfaces must remain untouched for 10 minutes before flushing again. Allow to air dry.

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NANOBLASTER PRO is USDA and NSF compliant and can be employed for the washing of fresh cut and processed fruits and vegetables.

Recent testing has shown that when orcahrd fruit, such as apples. Pears or peaches, are treated with NANOBLASTER PRO, its Veggie-Clean shelf-life is extended with reduced fruit loss.



HACCP Food Safety

All Certifications

NANOBLASTER PRO will not only clean as well, or better, than any other product on the market, but it is much more economical and, even more important, can result in labor savings in excess of 50%.